About Us

PUAH Institute, established in 1990, has helped thousands of couples suffering from infertility through the process of building a family. Staff members have an extensive breadth of knowledge enabling PUAH Institute to handle everything from complicated medical inquiries to relevant halachic questions. Couples receive the benefit of PUAH Institute’s expertise in a private and compassionate environment conducive to their needs. Professional expertise is also available to the general public through a wide variety of lectures, seminars and training courses. Participants at these sessions include rabbis, physicians, healthcare providers and couples, all of whom share the common goal of raising awareness about reproductive health issues at both the social and medical levels.

“I wanted to thank all of you for your help and kindness. Never before have we encountered such a dedicated group of people who cared about us, as if we were part of their family. After so many trials & disappointments our twins Avi & Rivky were born, and they are well and strong BH. Your support throughout helped us overcome our difficulties, and to face life with hope in spite of all the medical challenges.”     Anonymous, Jerusalem