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Education has always been a core component of our Jewish community. Proper education about fertility medicine & halacha can help you on the path of growing you family. The Puah Institute offers a wide variety of courses, lectures and seminars geared towards couples, medical professionals and rabbis.

A partial list of current educational opportunities includes:

• Seminars for rabbis on women's health and reproductive medicine
• Courses & lectures for medical professionals on Jewish law and the unique needs of orthodox Jewish patients
• Enrichment courses for rabbinical students, marriage counselors, and pre-marital teachers
• Annual conference for community and professionals (attended by 1800 people this year)

How do we do a sperm test?
Should I do pre-natal testing if I won't abort?
Will oocyte retrieval make me a niddah? is a project of the PUAH Institute aimed at giving couples knowledge about fertility medicine and halacha. It is a series of articles and videos explaining each step of the fertility treatment process along the halachic questions solutions. While this is not intended to replace a posek we feel that this information should be available to every couple.

Here is a sampling of the articles available on

PGD & Halacha
Diagnosis & Treatment on Shabbat
Ovulation & Ovulation Testing

"You cannot imagine how important your work is. In addition to the physical and emotional suffering experienced by couples with fertility problems, they also have to put up with bureaucracy and delays, and of course many halachic problems. How wonderful that there is a listening ear and someone to give guidance on where to go and which tests are necessary."
Anonymous, New York