Innovative Puah CLE Continuing Legal Education

at Lawlines, New York City

Tuesday November 6, 5:30 PM

Objectives: To understand the legal and halachic aspects, pitfalls and risks of gestational
surrogacy in the United States and to understand the legal and halachic precautions needed to
successfully protect the use of your frozen embryos.

For more information and registration, call 718.336.0603



4th Annual Brunch Videos


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Dr.Feinman's Speech


Rav Union's Speech    

yaron chasid

 Yaron Chasid's Speech



Los Angeles Mentorship Luncheon Covers a Myriad of Torah Concepts



Yaron Hassid~Platinum Properties, hosted a Mentorship Lunch in his Los Angeles office featuring PUAH’s director, Rabbi Gideon Weitzman on Monday, August 13th. Yaron Hassid was very candid in lauding PUAH’s help to couples who suffer the challenges of infertility, and openly included his own experiences with the organization.


Los Angeles Leadership Fundraiser 

stressed-momWhen it comes to family dynamics, PUAH is known for educating and raising awareness all around the world.

On Monday evening, August 13, 2012, a group of LA young married women attended an elegant "Dessert Reception" at the lovely home of Tzipporah & Jonathan Coronel. After enjoying fruit refreshments and schmoozing a bit, the women were ready to hear PUAH's speakers: Rabbi Gideon Weitzman, director of PUAH's Jerusalem headquarters, and Lea Davidson, Executive Director of American Friends of PUAH Institute.

In her opening remarks to this most enthusiastic group, Lea Davison highlighted the importance of young people – specifically newly married, reaching out to help others less fortunate. She compared this pursuit to the initiative taken by Batya, Pharaoh's daughter, who reached out and rescued baby Moses out of the reeds of the river. Rashi, the great biblical commentator, elucidates that although the distance of Moshe's tiny "flotation device" was perhaps further than her arm length, the princess was miraculously able to draw the baby out.



Los Angeles Annual brunch


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