Your Hosts: Melissa and Jeffery Tobias

Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time: 11 AM

Location: 1840 East 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Event Highlights:

11:00 AM - Cooking Demonstration by Robin Jemal, Author of Dare to be Different (Cookbooks available for purchase)

12:00 PM - Mom & Me Music Class with Mariel Dweck

1:00 PM - Inspirational Class by Mrs. Faige Loewi


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Your Hostess: Davida Pomrenze

Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time: 8 PM

Location: 27 Merral Drive, Lawrence, NY

Event Highlights:

Chinese Auction & Dessert Reception

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Your Hosts: Danial and Briendy Jacobson

Date: Sunday, December 11, 2011

Time: 8 PM

Location: 526 Island Avenue, Woodmere, NY 11598

Event Highlights:

Guest Speaker: Rabbi Eddie Reichman, M.D.- Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine & Associate Professor of Philosophy & History of Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM) of Yeshiva University.


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PUAH Institute Celebrates


Milton M. Markovitz


April 5, 2011


A festive event, attended by a distinguished cadre of guests including doctors, lawyers, Rabbis and leaders of the greater New York business community, was hosted last week in tribute of PUAH Institute, the world’s leading Jewish Fertility organization.


Marking its 20th Anniversary of remarkable accomplishments on behalf of family, fertility, medicine and Halacha, the elegant banquet was acknowledged as a “Celebration of Life” and “A Bridge over the river of infertility.”  With over 1500 PUAH babies born annually to couples who benefit by the network of PUAH specialists, the organization is widely accepted for being at the forefront of medicine and Halacha.


In an emotionally charged address, Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, spiritual leader of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun of Teaneck, N.J. proclaimed: “While the key to child bearing is singularly in the domain of the Creator, He certainly molded a copy of the key and entrusted it to the staff of PUAH Institute.  Their passionate efforts create the bridge which crosses over the river of suffering and enables infertile couples fulfill their dream of raising a happy family.”


Citing PUAH’s record of achievements in combining advanced medical expertise in the field of fertility with the profound ethical and legal standards of Halacha, Dr. Lawrence Grunfeld, nationally renowned Reproductive Endocrinologist and co-Director of RMA of New York, expressed his nine-year long admiration for PUAH Institute “where hope and faith are at the core of all its endeavors.” 


As a member of the organization’s Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Grunfeld accepted the well deserved “2011 Physician of the Year Award” stating publicly that he is sharing the award with the devoted team of PUAH Fertility Supervisors who sacrifice their own private convenience for the sake of every woman who needs their monitoring and supervision at anytime, and any place. “Your wonderful commitment inspires me and my colleagues to do our share in the synthesized context of medicine and Halacha.”   


Founded in Jerusalem 20 years ago by Rabbi Menachem Burstein, PUAH Institute has earned a worldwide reputation for helping couples experiencing fertility challenges to fulfill their aspirations of healthy pregnancy.  Against the background of documented statistics indicating that one in six couples face fertility issues, PUAH Institute and its affiliates realize the importance of sensitive and expert counseling, merged with rabbinical knowledge and specialized training in modern reproductive technology.  Combining these factors in their discreet and personal counseling, PUAH’s multilingual representatives communicate daily with individuals and couples who seek their advice and guidance, thereby cultivating complete trust and confidence which affect the couples’ chances of fertility success.


Presenting PUAH’s “Gift of Life Award” to Mr. Barry (Chairman, Fortune Financial and Investment Corporation) and Mrs. Rachel Akrongold, the “Partner in Creation Award” to Mr. Brian E. Andreoli, Esq., (Partner at Squire, Sanders in New York), and the “Pioneers of Hope Award” to Mr. Sam (of Crown Equities) and Mrs. Peggy Nitka, Rabbi Gideon Weitzman, PUAH Institute Director and Visiting Associate Professor at Albert Einstein Medical Center, shared with the evening’s guests the organization’s successes and future plans. 


Taking pride in PUAH’s unmatched acceptance throughout the spectrum of the Jewish community, Rabbi Weizman thanked the honorees for their very special connection to PUAH and support of its noble legacy of bringing Jewish children into the world.  Restating the organization’s position as a worldwide leader in expert rabbinic counseling, continuing education for professionals and lay leadership, and active Fertility Supervision without compromise of Halacha, the Rabbi shared his experience and insights as Director of the Institute in words which were awe inspiring. 


Foremost was his heartening declaration that “PUAH services all Jews, without concern for their affiliation.  We are an inclusive Institute, and embrace every Jewish couple who is referred to us for guidance, and help them in overcoming the sadness of infertility.”  PUAH’s services are available throughout the USA, Canada, South America, Europe and Israel.


Chairing the historic 20th Anniversary celebration, Rabbi Yaakov Kermaier, spiritual leader of the evening’s venue, The Fifth Avenue Synagogue, recited the Psalmist (118, 21) in a verse which is repeated twice in the Hallel prayer: “I will thank You, For You answered me and became my salvation.” 


Insightfully commenting on the verse and its repletion the Rabbi explained: “Tonight we offer double thanks to G-d. First, we thank Him for the miracle of birth which He graciously performs when a mother is able to bring a new soul into this world.  But, tonight we also thank G-d for the gift of inspiring the PUAH Institute to become His partners in the act of Creation.” 


In his inspirational message, Rabbi Kermaier said that which was on the minds of everyone gathered:  “Conception and childbirth are not to be taken for granted. Therefore, we must all actively support the sacred mission of PUAH Institute.  We must contribute and endow generously, facilitate and enable PUAH pursue its noble activities on behalf of individuals as well as the entire Jewish community. Our collective benevolence will advance and expand PUAH’s ability to perpetuate Jewish continuity.”



“Religion and Reproduction: Clinical and Ethical

Dimensions of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics”


March 28, 2011
Lubin Dining Hall - 1st Floor Mazer


4:15 pm

Welcome and Panelists Introduction

    Harry J. Lieman, MD

    Associate Professor and Interim Division Director

4:20 pm

"Views of the Secular Ethicist"

    Adrienne Asch, PhD, MS

    Director, The Center for Ethics and Yeshiva University

4:30 pm

"Views of Christianity"

    Charles C. Camosy, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, Fordham University

4:40 pm

"Views of Islam"

    Marcia C. Inhorn, PhD, MPH

    William K. Lanman Jr. Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs

4:50 pm

"Views of Judaism"

    Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

    Director, PUAH Institute for Fertility and Medicine in Accordance with

    Jewish Law

5:00 pm Questions
5:15 pm

Panel Discussion * - Harry J. Lieman, MD

    "Presentation of several cases from the meeting of the Ethics Committee

    on Assisted Reproduction of Albert Einstein College of Medicine"

6:15 pm Closing Remarks (A light supper will be served following the symposium)


*The dialogue will highlight similarities and differences between the ethical and interfaith perspectives towards these clinical dilemmas.


Please RSVP no later than Friday, March 18, 2011

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