To all our participants, we humbly thank you for helping Puah and supporting the building of families!!!
Grand Prize $100,000 – Manny Henzel

1.$5000 or 4 tickets to Israel – Mendy Rosenberg

2. $2000 Visa Gift Card

3. $1500 at Chamoula Jewelers

4. Feragamo Watch – Gruber

5. $2500 gift certificate to Hostess International

6. $2,000 at Focus Camera – Peck Family

7. $1000 at Toys to Discover – Shamay Gluck

8. Otzer Hachachma Hard Drive – Breindel Neuman –

9. Custom Kiki Sheitel – Shalom Fogel

10. Leather bound Shas – Moshe Gindi

11. Rabbi Edward and Meira Davis



Early Bird Winners:

The winner of the Early Bird Special of 2 tickets to Israel or $2,500 Cash is......

Daniel Rosansky from Los Angeles, CA

The winner of the Early Bird Special of the Diamond Necklace is .....

Moshe Leib Schwartz of Montreal.

The winner of the Early Bird Special of authentic Megillat Esther Scroll may! Deadline March 12th!

Purchase now to be entered to win Early Bird and $100,000 amongst many more prizes!




List of Prizes

$100 Prizes

$100,000 Cash
$1,500 at Chamoula Jewelers
Gevril Watch ($2,500 Value)
$2,000 at Focus Camera
$2,500 at Hostess International
$1,000 at Toys to Discover
External USB Hard drive containing 56,000 entire seforim from
Otzer HaChochma (Over $2,000 value)
All $36 and $18 prizes


4 tickets to Israel or $5,000 Cash
$2,000 Visa Gift Card
All $18 prizes


Kiki Custom Sheitel ($1,800 value)
Leather Bound CHosson Shas ($1,300 value)


In the boxed below, please enter the amount of tickets you would like to buy. If buying more than one, please use the appropriate box.