English Translation

Rabbi Shalom Messas
Chief Rabbi and Head of Rabbinical Courts
Jerusalem, Israel

I am pleased to give my wholehearted recommendation to the Puah Institute for Fertility and Medicine in Accordance with Halacha with which I am thoroughly familiar since  Many halachic queries received by the Rabbis are sent to me. In turn I send them my answers and I can attest to the fact they are careful with  lenient  as well as with stringent  issues. Since they also come to my house I have become personally acquainted with them, especially with the Director, Rabbi Menachem Burstein Shlita, who has proven his wide expertise and knowledge in this field His advice and assistance have helped thousands of couples throughout the years. He truly causes a Kiddush Hashem (sanctifies Hashem’s name) by counseling and assisting couples with fertility problems  as well as problems of Nidah (family purity). There is also a blessed, unique, extensive supervisory system according to halacha in fertility laboratories which serves all sectors of the public, and is endorsed by all the great Poskim (Rabbinical experts) of our generation. The Institute prevents much aggravation and errors through lectures given to medical experts.  Lectures are offered to rabbis to help them make correct halachic decisions. Many couples are comforted by finally  being able to bring children into the world.

I warmly bless all those who turn to the Puah Institute for help with a blessing for children, and may all those who support the institute also be blessed with heavenly assistance.

May the staff of Puah and its Director go from strength to strength in their activities on behalf of the Klal.

Rabbi Shalom Messas
Jerusalem, 20 Tammuz 5759 (Summer 1999)